Mattresses: How The Right Choice Can Affect The Comfort Of Your Bed


When we lie down to sleep in our beds every night, most of us do not think of what makes them comfortable. Is it the pillows perhaps? What about the bed linens? While it may seem obvious enough, it is actually the mattress which mostly affects how the entire bed feels like. Many mattress companies do not specialize in only one type of mattress, but they almost always manufacture a few in order to account for the many preferences and needs of their customers. Open coil mattresses are generally cheaper compared to the other 3 types of mattresses. Its support layer consist of single springs that are further connected to one another by a single wire. Open coil mattresses have the disadvantage of being less independent, which means that they often move as a whole. This can be bad if you’re sharing a bed with your partner because every movement of yours will be registered across the entire mattress and your partner’s sleep may be disturbed whenever that happens.

memory-foam-bed-paddingMemory foam mattresses are some of the more expensive bunch around thanks to its visco-elastic top layer that can make you feel as if you’re wrapped in a cocoon while you sleep. A memory foam mattress shape bends and forms around your body, but because of that, the mattress will seem warmer as well. These mattresses are often claimed to be the best because they really do feel extra warm and comfortable during the cold nights. Of course, this also means that in summer, your bed will feel much hotter too. There have since been improvements made to fix this disadvantageous feature but not many manufacturers have been willing to include this in their mattresses because it’s simply more expensive to do so.

Pocket sprung mattresses, as opposed to open coil, each have their own individual spring pockets. This is an improved version of open coil mattresses that allow each individual spring to function independently of one another, thus giving the impression of a more balanced weight distribution. This is a great choice for couples as you wouldn’t have to worry about having your sleep interrupted by every single movement that your partner makes while asleep. Although they do not mould to the shape of your body like foam mattresses do, they’re still great for comfort whilst maintaining a reasonable price of below $200 (on average).

a-latex-mattress-by-botanical-blissThe latex mattress is the least common type of mattress alongside water and airbeds. Due to their highly resilient and generally tough material, a latex mattress will feel a lot firmer but that in effect increases its durability too. A latex mattress that’s well maintained and cared for can easily last over 10 years. The seemingly tough surface of the mattress can be remedied by adding a mattress topper but that can bump up the cost of the entire bed by quite a bit.

Rather than forking out a premium for the fact that the mattress is ‘all-natural’ and banking on it being sufficiently comfortable to sleep on, I’d rather invest in a memory foam or even inner spring mattress for the reason that they’re much more practical. If you’re still very sure that you want a latex mattress, at least make sure that you test it out in a shop for at least 10 minutes before pulling the trigger.